"Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. How to configure Flight Simulator 2004. Where to download the supplements to Flight Simulator 2004. How do I add extras to make flight as realistic as possible?

On the Internet there are many different models of aircraft from simplified to professional.

But some models have some inconsistencies or defects, or simply would like to improve the model. Here it will be described what can be easily changed in the airplane model.

Kind of model of the airplane:

Folder sound models are mostly in format PCM.For coding a sound in this format it is necessary to download (Sox_GUI)-WAV_to_IMA_ADPCM The converter. After listening to the sounds,for example through Winamp,you can find and replace any sound in the model to your format and file name are the same or download ready real sounds with Internet.

In a folder panel there is a cabin or link to her.The Internet it is a lot of photorealistic and made similar on natural cabins on which it possible to replace.It is possible to edit kinds,devices,having replaced the links or having altered coordinates or kinds in a file panel.CFG.Before editing it is better to make a backup copy of a file.The file opens and is edited with the program (Notebook).The cabins on planes are better for putting with lateral kinds.

Configuration and the parameters of the plane are registered in a file Aircraft.CFG some of which too can be edited.Before editing it is better to make a backup copy of a file.The file opens and is edited with the program (Notebook).

For example line:

thrust_scalar =1.000          -         Acceleration of the plane, than more value by that the engines will be more powerful.

For greater realism in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 kept fuel and generation of malfunctions can be Set,pressing the button (Fuel and loading) and (Crashes and failures) menu (A flight) Simulator.

Airports have a zone where aircraft refuels automatically or you can use command (add a quantity of fuel).

If you use the FsPassengers you need a special loader already specifically for the model.

It looks like this:

You can download on the Internet or it may be in the FsPassengers.

All parameters are in the settings FsPassengers.


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