"Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. How to configure Flight Simulator 2004. Where to download the supplements to Flight Simulator 2004. How do I add extras to make flight as realistic as possible?


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 One of the most successful company simulation games Microsoft.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 in front of similar games?

1.The simplicity and clarity of the game structure, the modular scheme that makes it possible to make models of airplanes, airports and terrain itself, or to download them from the Internet where they are so much free and paid.

2.A relatively small boot of the computer during the game when the graphics are correctly configured.

3..Programs: Reports of the crew and Fs Passengers capable of imitating the crew, passengers, generating aircraft malfunctions, and reproducing pilots, stewardesses, passengers, even in freelance situations.

4.High-intelligent air traffic management, with the possibility of improvement and greater density of traffic planes in the airport areas, with appropriate configuration.

5.The simplicity and small amount of data when   the real weather from the Internet. The weather loads not only on the ground but also in the upper air layers with a turbulence effect and an airplane drift in the side wind. The ability to load on slow connection to Internet.

6.Fuel control and aircraft loading.

7.A lightweight route task for the on-board systems of the plane using the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 editor and the weight and fuel calculations.

8The ability to use more sophisticated appliances and models as they are trained as well as the use of professional models with launch and simulations of the on-board computer.

The only problem with Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Like all programs, mashi, models, editors, settings, both the simulator and additional programs, synchronize to assemble and place so that all this works smoothly without interfering with each other.

The site will tell you how to do it. Where to download, what programs to install, etc.

The settings laid out on the site were made by the selection method for a long time.

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