"Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. How to configure Flight Simulator 2004. Where to download the supplements to Flight Simulator 2004. How do I add extras to make flight as realistic as possible?


Microsoft Flight Simulator X a new version of one of the most successful games simulators companies Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

What are the advantages of Fsx afore Flight Simulator 2004?

1.Graphics is an order of magnitude higher than Flight Simulator 2004.

2.Animated land and sea traffic of cars and ships.

3.Animated aircraft malfunction ( For example a fire engine ).

4.Program: Reports of the Crew and Fs Passengers able to simulate the crew, passengers, generate aircraft malfunctions, reproduce pilots, flight attendants, passengers, even in extraordinary situations, simulate a flight in the military zone with the help of the RanWars utility and also simulate ground handling at any airport using a program [FSX] FSDreamTeam - Ground Service X.

5.Highly intellectual Management of air traffic with the possibility of improvement and high density of traffic aircraft in the airport areas, with appropriate configuration.

6.Small amount of data Download real weather from the Internet. The weather loads not only on the ground but also in the upper air layers, with the effect of turbulence and the destruction of the airplane in the side wind. Download capability with slow internet connection.

7.Control Fuel and aircraft loading.

8.Light taskcreate a route for aircraft airborne systems using the editor built into Microsoft Flight Simulator X as well as calculate the weight and fuel.

9.Possibility use of more sophisticated devices and models as you learn, as well as the use of professional models with startup schemes and simulations FMS И EADI.

10.Possibility installation on modern versions Windows.

But unlike Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Fsx has many serious problems:

1.The biggest problem is an incredible load of the system because of what Fsx begins to slow down even on the most powerful computers, especially when taking off and landing.

2.Another problem of drawing a long-range plan during the flight .

3.And also the fact that almost all additions to Fsx paid .

The site will tell you how to make a flight to Fsx on ordinary computers possible.

The settings laid out on the site were done experimentally and may not be suitable for all computers and video cards.

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