"Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. How to configure Flight Simulator 2004. Where to download the supplements to Flight Simulator 2004. How do I add extras to make flight as realistic as possible?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 settings .

If you have most of the games on your computer, then there will be no problems with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

It's better to put it not on the system disk but in a separate place. The size after all the improvements Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 can reach 10 GB and more. I have it 9.78 GB.

Next, configure Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.Open the simulator and go to the menu Settings.

We configure it like this:

General settings:

The log-board is maintained in the FsPassengers program so it is not needed here.

Display settings:

At me such adjustments were and at GeForce 5, the computer did not brake.

If it slows down, you should reduce the resolution to 800x600x32


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ow do I go to Microsoft Flight Simulator-X If my computer isn't pulling?

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator-X better and how do I customize it?


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