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In order to fly on large aircraft, you need to create a route.

Turbo-prop aircraft simply do not fly and follow the air corridors between the points of the route: beacons, intersections, etc.

For example, take a route from Domodedovo - Moscow to Sochi.

В In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 routes are set in the column of the menu (Creation of flight) having pressed on the button (Scheduler of flights):

Previously in the program AFCAD we find the airport Domodedovo and by the plan we look where there will be a plane.

At us it will be gate 7.

Select the type of flight plan and type of trails and click on to find the path.

After that, the simulator will open a map of the terrain, or if it does not find the way, it will prompt you to plot the course directly over the GPS and then open the map with a straight line between the points of the route.

In any case, you need to correct the route by selecting an unnecessary intermediate point, you can delete it and by clicking on the course line and pointing to the desired point on the map you can add an intermediate point. At this card you can increase. The height can be set as you like.

For large aircraft at the end of the route, the exit angle to the lane should not be steep.

Having pressed on it is possible to print out a Notebook the plan of flight.

After that, click OK to save the route, select the aircraft, set the time of day and weather and click on the flight.

To download a video: How to create a route in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 click on this link.

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